Free Downloads

Below you will find three download areas, one for demonstration versions of our software, a second for free spreadsheets that could be used to apply the techniques that we use in our courses, and a third for additional study notes.  These are absolutely free (although the study notes may only be extracted and used by bona fide) students doing courses in Maintenance Engineering with M-Tech, the University of Johannesburg, and the University of Stellenbosch. 

Most of these files are compressed with WinZip to decrease their size and download time. You can obtain a free shareware version of WinZip by following the above link. Acrobat Reader may be required for some documents; the free Reader can be downloaded from the link provided at the top of the page.

Company Brochure

To download a company brochure, click here.

Demonstration Copies of Software

Click on any of the packages below to download a demonstration copy of it for free. The packages are zipped with WinZip, so you have to unzip it first on your computer before you can install it.

Package Size
Relcode 2238 kB
AgeCon 3476 kB
Perdec 3478 kB
M-Analyst 3498 kB


A number of spreadsheets are also available for downloading. These include Capital Replacement Models, Queuing Models, Statistical Process Control, Cusum Charts, Inventory Management, Pareto Charts, Curve Fitting / Forecasting, Curve Smoothing and Maintenance Performance Measurement.  The spreadsheets are zipped with WinZip, so you have to unzip it first on your computer before you can install it.   Click on any of the links below to download it onto your computer for free. All of the spreadsheets are in Microsoft Excel 97 format.

Spreadsheet Size
Capital Replacement Model 144 kB
Queuing Models 9 kB
Control Charts 4 kB
Cusum Charts 4 kB
Inventory Models 3 kB
Pareto Chart 4 kB
Curve Fitting / Forecasting 16 kB
Curve Smoothing 5 kB
Maintenance Performance Model 9 kB
Weibull Distributable 27 kB
Weibull Analysis Demo 135 kB
NHPP Distributable 50 kB

Additional Study Notes

The following table lists study notes that may be downloaded by bona fide students doing courses in Maintenance Engineering with M-Tech or RAU or the University of Stellenbosch.  These notes are in Acrobat format (get a free Acrobat reader from and are zipped to save space.  Extract using WinZip (available from

Study Notes Size
PHM Notes 1602 kB
C903 Additional Notes 128 kB

If there are any problems, feel free to mail the Webmaster.


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