Statistical Failure Analysis

Statistical Failure Analysis, like RCM, is an essential element of the analyses done in designing a maintenance plan for an organisation. Furthermore, it is also one of the primary tools in the process of equipment problem solving. Our capabilities in this critical area support the maintenance function in setting up optimal maintenance replacement strategies as a part of RCM, thereby giving our customerís maintenance organisations the competitive edge. M-Techís staff have completed numerous statistical failure analyses since our founding in 1987, providing our clients with significant cost reductions through the implementation of improved maintenance strategies.

We can safely claim that M-Tech is by far the leaders in statistical failure analysis in South Africa and is recognised as such internationally.  The unique academic background and wide practical experience of our staff in this particular field supports this statement.

Our expertise in statistical failure analysis are outlined below:

  1. Renewal analysis
  • Probabilistic techniques based on continuous distributions, such as the Weibull, Exponential, Log-Normal and Geometrical distributions.
  • Optimal replacement analyses where the advantages of preventive replacement are balanced against wastage of useful remaining life.
  • Spare part usage forecasts for situations where several similar machines are used.
  1. Repairable systems analysis
  • Trend testing for identification of reliability growth or deterioration.
  • Dependence testing for the identification of the possibility of a Branching Poison process.
  • Non-Homogeneous Poison Process (NHPP) analysis.
  • Optimal capital replacement analysis using time value of money principles.
  1. Condition Based Maintenance optimisation using Proportional Hazards Modelling.

M-Tech is also the sole distributor in South Africa of various international software packages that help maintenance engineers with statistical failure analyses in their own organisations. See the Software section for more information.